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A picture of me not too long after first arriving on Yankee Station.Dec 67


Terry in his stateroom. Age 24. LTJG at the time. Very_young_Terry_in_stateroom
Terry on the left and Bill Boissenin (pilot) on the right. We flew together for 147 missions and 200+ Ranger traps. A better pilot one could not have! Me_and_Bill
This photo was taken in Iwakuni, Japan, either at or near the Naval Air Station there in early 1968. On the left is Bruce Wood, then LTJG but would later on be the commanding officer of the Naval Air Station Cubi Point, PI, at the time it was disestablished/closed. I'm in the middle. On the right is David Wagoner, then a LTJG, who would later become a commanding officer of the Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, Washington, 1990-1992, where west-coast A6s were, and EA6Bs are, based. Future_Captains
Over Vietnam-My notes on the back of the photo show it was taken Dec, 1967, enroute to Cam Pha, North Vietnam. Heading 170 degrees at 14,000 feet. Must have been an Alpha Strike - otherwise we would have been at about 100 feet!!


Bob Hope-One of several pictures taken while Bob Hope's traveling show was aboard Ranger in late winter, 1968, as I recall. Bob_Hope
Racquel Welch-You didn't think we were massed on the flight deck to see Bob Hope, did you??? Racquel_Welch
Close up of Racquel!!! click to view larger photo
Racquel Welch! Obviously she had a LOT of fans on Ranger -about 4,000 maybe?? Another_Racquel_Welch
Flight deck-Looks like the end of a recovery and beginning of re-spot for the next launch. Flight_deck
A6 on mission-This plane has just commenced a canopy roll over top of us. Cool! A hand-full with a load of bombs on board.


A6 on mission-Enroute to target.


A7-A 'Jason' (call sign) A7 and I were scheduled for the same target so he flew on our wing. Not too long after this photo was taken we dropped bombs - Jason was briefed to drop when he saw our bombs falling, Unfortunately, our bomb selector switch was in 'salvo' mode instead of the correct 'train' mode. When the computer figured we were at the drop point, all 10,000-odd pounds of bombs came off at once, causing a HUGE jump in altitude of the plane because of the resulting mis-trim, and it promptly went severe nose-up and gained several hundred feet before the trim could be corrected. Needless to say Jason was having to do some extra-ordinary flying out there on the wing just to keep position on us!


Vulture's row-Always fun to watch the planes land.


A6s on flight deck-Looks like these planes are manned-up for launch.

A6s on flight deck

One of our trusty destroyers probably getting mail transferred to her.


Looks like something formal in the Wardroom, but can't remember what it was!

ward room

Fun time-Yep! There were some fun times, too! This was taken in one of the Wardrooms.


Ready room-The officers in the front row, right to left are:LCDR . Gordon Nakagawa, later to become a squadron commanding officer (VA-196), a POW near the very end of the 'war' and a CAPT. Don't remember this man's name! LCDR Lenny Salo, later to be CAPT Salo. CDR Lee Kollmorgan, CO of VA-165, later to be RADM. CDR Fred Backman, next CO of VA-165 and later CAPT. LCDR Bob McEwen, later to be CO VA-95.


CDR Lee Kollmorgan, either XO or CO of VA-165 - can't remember which cruise this was taken.