catapults being removed from the deck just prior to decommissioning

f-18 coming down elevator 1

Ranger in San Diego just prior to Decommissioning

Ranger in Sydney Harbor (More pictures next page)

I served for 2 years and came out as an ABH3. My stint on the 
Ranger started in July of 1992 and ran until her decommissioning.
I worked in the V3 division as a grunt initially (chocking and chaining aircraft)
but towards the end of Rangers last ride I was promoted to Elevator Operator 
which was a fantastic job! 
The crew I served with on the Ranger was unlike any other I served with, 
everyone got along and we had fun! Everyone seemed to take pride in the fact 
that they were stationed on the Ranger and that pride was rewarded with the 
Battle E shortly after returning from her last West Pac in 1993.
After departing the Ranger I was assigned to the USS Constellation which 
was anything but memorable. Made some great friends there but the moral was 
just terrible, really wasn't a whole lot of fun server on her. In the year I 
served on the Constellation, we never left the dock once due to numerous 
mechanical problems which arose on her journey back from Philadelphia where 
she went through the SLEP program. Consequently I did a short detachment on 
the USS Kitty Hawk for training purposes.


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