Ken Yaeger

Here are some pictures of the collision in 1979,
the engineering night orders from that evening, 
a message sent by USS Midway CV-41 about them 
having to take our place since we wrecked the ship 
and a newspaper article from St. Louis Missouri 
about the mishap.

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  April 5th 1979    April 5th 1979    April 5th 1979

April 5th 1979    April 5th 1979     April 5th 1979

Engineers Night Orders    Message from USS Midway CV-41    StLouisPost-DspatchNewsAticleApril6th1979.JPG (20320 bytes)

Ken Yaeger was aboard Feb 1978-Oct 1981 and Sept 1987-Aug1989. Worked in #3 Main Machinery Room, P-Division. Retired from US Navy December 31 1999, rate was MM1(SW). Was ex-Boiler Technician, but in 1966 or so,  it was merged into the Machinist Mate rating.

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