Bill MacQuoid

Article below, was in response to my letter to Freemantle Editor when we were heading for Perth in 1982. We wanted to get a head start on everyone and have ladies waiting for us so we put out the word and we got over 100 letters from women. Since only about a dozen men on the Ranger could get in our area (OS Division, Cryptology) we controlled the letters and had fun handing out the leftovers.

(Contents of Article)

The U.S. Navy is availing
itself of our entrepreneurial 
With the aircraft carrier USS
Ranger popping down to these
chilled and desolate shores in a
few months, the lads, like the boy
scouts, wish to be prepared.
If we could rustle up a few
thousand spare, unattached "ladies
of Perth," says the U.S. Navy, it 
would be much obliged.
Obviously it doesn't know our
track record in such quests, how-
ever, here we go...again.
What we would like, or rather
the U.S. Navy would like, is for all
you spare women to gather a few
details and post to:
OS Division,
USS Ranger CV-61,
FPO SF Calif. 966633 USA
This could be the start of some
beautiful pen-palships. "All cor-
respondence shall be distributed as 
equitably as possible," says the
U.S. Navy.
Details wanted include: Return
address. Personal statistics. Any
other information that will help
match interests, such as hobbies,
vocation, sports etc...c'mon all
you WA trail-bike jockeys, rodeo
riders, mud-wrestlers, rock climbers,
speliologists, sailboard riders,
hang-glider pilots and dune-
buggy daredevils. Below decks on
USS Ranger there's sure to be a
soul-mate for you.
Also wanted: "A recent colour
No old whimsical touch-ups
ladies, or shots of Hedy Lamarr,
Theda Bara, Clara Bow, Sarah
Bernhardt, or the Jersey Lily. Just 
your honest, unattached selves.
Reminds us of the English
soccer fanatic desperate for tickets
to the FA cup final.
Stuck a notice in a lonely-hearts
column: "Refined gent, loves out-
doors wishes to meet woman
similar with two tickets to FA Cup,
view matrimony, Please send photo
(of the tickets)."