Bill DeBarge

   USNSBold - July 2002  A  picture of myself (STGC attached to IUSS Sea Component East) aboard the USNS Bold.  Bill DeBarge  Arresting Gear engine number 3. View is of the starboard end of the Main Engine Accumulator. You can see the sheave/cable casing underneath

Corsair II on the flight deck, Summer 1983, Indian Ocean    Flight deck shot Summer 1983 from the aft starboard catwalk. The knuckelhead shown here was trying to get out of the wat of my shot.  Indian Ocean, Summer 1983. Ranger unreps with the USS Camden

November 1983, idle day in the Indian Ocean. Flag was at half mast for the victims of the Four Main fire and for the victim(Marines) who had lost their lives in the Beruit bombings.   Life Ring from the Starboard side, Summer 1983, Indian Ocean    Newspaper clipping from the Four Main fire of 1983

 Launch from starboard side of USS Ranger of the rescue boat during a drill. Indian Ocean Summer 1983  My rack aboard USS Ranger 1982-1985 located just under Catapult 3(You get used to the noise)  Ranger port call, Summer 1983, Phillipines, Subic City, in a place called The Sweet 16. Just some Sailors having fun. I'm on the left. ABEAN Chris Costley is center and  ABEAA V. Farrell is on the right
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I joined the Navy in October of 1982. 
While aboard Ranger I was an Aviation 
Boatswain's Mate Equipment 
(Catapult and Arresting Gear)
ABE attached to V2 Division in the Arresting
Gear Work center. I then cross rated to
OTM (Ocean Systems Tech) and then
STG (Sonar Tech).

I retired as an STGC (SW) in February of 2004 
in Virginia Beach, Va where my family now has 
decided to take up permanent station. 
Iím working as a defense contractor now.


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