James Tedder
I was stationed on the Ranger from '87 to '91. I was an AO in the G-1 
flt. deck ordnance shop.
I am very proud to have served on the Ranger during that time, and I am equally proud of the men and women serving in the region at this time. 
The Ranger was and still is a glorious ship. I'm sure if she were 
still in use, she would be over there now carrying on her proud tradition. 
Thank you for keeping her memory alive.

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Ordnance package being stage for strike during Gulf War An A-6 Intruder returning home to USS RANGER (CV-61). Taking a break between "launch and recovery" Sunset in the Persian Gulf
Air power demonstration for Hong Kong V.I.P.'s




Offloading ordnance following cease fire of Gulf War
More unused ordnance being sent to supply ship
USS RANGER (CV-61), a floating naval air station
My dad and I, up on the flight deck in home port of San Diego
Me being sworn into the V.F.W.


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