Photos submitted by NEIL SUMMERS-reported aboard in Dec 1957 directly from "A" school


Captains   P.D. Buie
Commanding Officer

Commander  I.G. Peters
Executive Officer

The following picture pages depict these events:
(As well as everyday life on the Ranger)

 1.   Depart Norfolk  Friday 20 June 1958

  2.  Arrived Port Of Spain, Trinidad  Thursday, 26 June

3.  Crossing The Line Ceremonies  Sunday, 06 July

4.  Arrive Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  Friday, 11 July

5.  Around Cape Horn Wednesday, 23 July

6.  Arrive Valparaiso, Chile Saturday, 26 July

7.  Arrive Callao, Peru  Sunday 03 August

8.  Arrive Acapulco, Mexico  Wednesday, 13 August

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