Ed Weeden's Patch Collection

Here is a wide shot of the entire rack curtain. This is a unique souvenier of one person's four year, two cruise journey on RANGER (1979 and 1980 cruises).
At center is a large RANGER patch, which was meant for the inside of a Navy Flight jacket (only Air Wing and Ship patches were authorized to be worn on the OUTSIDE of the flight jacket during these years -- not even the squadron patch).

To the left of the large patch are insignia relating to the 1979 cruise. To the
right of the large patch are insignia relating to the 1980 cruise. Immediately around the large patch are insignia relating to RANGER events, such as the Westpac Cruise patches, the 1977 Overhaul, and three versions of smaller -- uniform authorized -- RANGER shield insignia.

Each of these patches was collected by me on a USS RANGER standard issue "Rack Curtain" which I "confiscated" for this purpose. I felt it would be a
wonderful souvenier, and it has proven to be a conversation piece at many an informal gathering of vets. 
Again, I feel that these patches belong to the entire
crew (including of course our Squadron shipmates) 

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Ed Weeden