Wayne Grabbe 

Aboard Ranger - September 1965 until January of 1968


Boarded Ranger September 1965 until January of 1968. Two tours in Vietnam.
My rate was was radioman, and I had possibly the best job in the Navy. I had the honor of serving with a great bunch of guys in the Ranger Communications gang, CR Division.


I boarded USS Ranger CVA 61 in September of 1965 in Hunters Point, California as a Seaman Radioman and left the ship in January of 1968 as a Radioman 3rd class. 3 years 3 months and 12 days in the Navy. Went into the Navy on the kitty cruise program on November 9th 1964, as I didn't turn 18 until November 11 1964 six months after high school graduation in Hays, Ks. . 

We were in the yard until December of 65, then headed for sea trials, a week in San Diego for flight operations, and arrived in Pearl before Christmas of 65. We were there for about two weeks, and headed to the Philippines, took on stores and on to Dixie Station South Vietnam. We were there off and on, from January 66 until June of 66 and headed back to Alameda. 

We left Alameda for a 9 month overhaul at Bremerton, Washington. We arrived in September and headed back to Alameda in June of 67.  As I recall, we left for my second Vietnam Cruise in October of 67.  Bob Hope brought his show to the Ranger for his annual Christmas show in December. 

In January, while I was working in Main Comm,  got word that the Pueblo was captured by North Korea, so Ranger, Enterprise and Yorktown headed to North Korea for a SHOW OF FORCE, and while on station there, I along with about 20 others boarded a COD for the 
flight to Japan, and on to Treasure Island for discharge which occurred for me, on February 23 1968

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