Thomas (Tommy) R. Barrett-1967

My name is Thomas (Tommy) R. Barrett.
I reported aboard the USS Ranger in the spring of
1967. It was still in Bremerton, Washington having a
Overhual. Took shake down cruise up to Victoria,
British Columbia, Canada. What a Beautiful Trip that
was. Left Seattle and down to Alameda, Calif. with
ships Crew, Cars, Boats, Trucks, Motorcycles, Motor
homes, Trailers, Wives, Kids, dogs and cats.
Then too San Diego. Even had a special at sea with
VIPs to show Naval Sea Power. they had an old
Destroyer at Full GQ and all the different things the
Navy had tried to sink her. Subs, Guided Missile
Cruisers, Air Wing and more. We with our VIPs had a
front Row seat. 
Then in November it was off to WestPac. Had a stop at
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Got to see my sister-in-law and
had a great meal at the Royal Hawaiian. Even tried
some Scooba Diving. That was really something else,
down with the fishies.
Next stop was Yakoska, Japan. Then Subic Bay. Lots of
on and off the Line (Gulf of Tonkin). 
Then the North Koreans took the USS Pueblo. They took
us off the line and sent us to the Sea of Japan. 
Had Bob Hope Show, Raquel Welch, Miss World and more.
Had a Liberty port Call in Hong Kong. Extra stop in
Sasebo, Japan too.
In March I shipped over for the STAR program. I had
been in V-4 (ABF). Did not look to promising for Shore
Duty or advancement. I went for AK rate and AK school.
They (for the last month of the tour) then transferred
me to S-6. Lost my Flight Deck pay though.
Then Back to the states.
Got out after 10 years on a Medical. 
I am now 55 years old with severe Asthma. 70% with the

Tommy Barrett