Roger A. Brown 
January 26, 1946 -  April 21, 2003

Served  aboard Ranger from Oct. 1972 - June 1975

Roger A. Brown


Roger A. Brown


Roger A. Brown


Tribute submitted by his daughter Cynthia Brown Hanson

My father was in the Philippines with the Navy when he met the

love of his life.  When his enlistment was done, he didn't re-up.  

Instead he went back home to Iowa.  He could not afford to travel

back to the Philippines on his own, but stubbornness kept him from

rejoining the Navy.  So, thank goodness for my aunt, that insisted

that was exactly what he should do.

That put him aboard the USS Ranger. He then re-met the love of his life

and married her, my mother Cecilia D. Brown.

I don't know if it was because of that or the friends he made that made

Ranger a special part of his life.  But remembering the look in his eyes

when he looked at my mom and the stories he told of his times

aboard Ranger, I think it was both.

I Love You Dad

                          Cynthia Brown Hansan


Retirement Ceremonies

'Retirement Ceremonies in 1993 after 28 1/2 yrs of service'

Retirement Ceremonies -close up

Roger A. Brown retired after 28 1/2 years in the Navy, 
he is survived by his wife of 30 years, Cecilia, two sons, 
William and Brian, his daughter, Cynthia and 5 grandchildren.


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