Ray Nelson Delone

Dear Rangermen,
My father-in-law served as a Rangerman from Feb. 21, 1968 to Dec. 10, 1971.
His name is Ray Nelson Delone, he was a machinist mate in 2nd main.
He is looking for old shipmates, particularly anyone who might remember
that around Dec. 17, 1968 they asked for volunteers to relieve the marines on land and that he volunteered. I am sure he would be happy to hear from any shipmates who remember him. Some people on board called him 'Bird Man Of The Mess Deck'.
Ray is from Texas and was in the 149th. He is looking for anyone who remembers him volunteering for land duty because as some of you may have found, some of his paperwork on file never got signed, we are told this is a common problem.
Anyone who wants to contact Ray may do so at:

Ray Nelson Delone
9633 Grapevine
San Angelo, Texas 76901
Thank you all so much, for your time now, and your service with Ranger.
Renee Turk-Delone
p.s. my father-in-law does not have internet but I could print and pass on things for him
at party72802@yahoo.com