Paul Rico

I am hoping that you can assist me with any information.
My father, Paul Rico, served on the USS Ranger from sometime early 1974 until after the 1976 Westpac Cruise.  The other day after visiting my mother, she gave me a few items, one of which 
was a cruise book.    

Through searching this 1974 Cruise book and a search of a 1976 cruise book belonging crewmember John Guy  we have also found he was aboard for the 1976 cruise    These photos came from 1974 and 76 books.  I find he was attached to the Weapons Department and in WW Division.  I am hoping that there are any guys out there who served at the same time who would have known him. He passed away in 1989 on duty. 

I have been searching for as much information as I can get about him just so I can know more about him. We were never that close but that's a story for another time. I regret that I didn't get closer with him while he was alive. I am posting my email address in case there is anyone out there who may have known him, It would be fantastic to hear from you.

Tony Rico

(Pictures Below)

Paul Rico1974 Paul Rico SN  1974

GMTSA  G.Bell,  GMT3  J.Patterson,  GMT3  P.Rico,  GMT1 R.Fortin,  GmTSN H.Splinter

Close Up of Picture Above - Paul Rico 1976  GMT3 Paul Rico 1976

Tony Rico