Mike Roberson 
(Formerly BT3 Roberson)

I was assigned to 1 Main Machinery Room ( Hell's Half Acre) from 1979 to 81

Photo's Duty Station 79 - 81
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Wow I really love 6 & 6, all these PIT Pics are 1MMR 1979 - 81  1MMR 1979 - 81    Buddy's forever  Christmas 1980  Cool filipino reprints of an Easyrider classic

Dashing Dave Duval  Fires Lit  Hanging  I guess Murph was a two timer  I think he's crazy  Mike_Roberson/Mark_and_Mark_Hitsman_and_Davidson

Keep the fire in the box  Kevin Kipp  kicken it in the coop  Letters from home  Murph, I love you

  Oh Yea, PO3 Roberson  Truely being Tooley  Watersides, what fun  Who's driving

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