Ken Carr
Kenneth Allen Carr

Ken Carr (third from left-standing)

This is a picture of Ken and his best friend Dave during Pre comm. days

     The picture with the hat and 
     beard was Kens 60th birthday

       John Strothers Memories 
                  of   Ken Carr

Thought I would pass on a few of my 
memories of Ken Carr my friend, shipmate, and fellow Plank owner of USS Ranger CVA 61.
We met during pre comissioning detail 
for Ranger in Norfolk,Va. Made shake down cruises and trips to GTMO, took her around the Horn, then to Westpac.
During Pre com Ken was very good at organizing parties and things to do for the crew during our free time. We had some great clambakes at Virginia Beach among other things.
We served on the permanent shore patrol duty on the trip around The Horn. Got stranded on the beach in Valpariso, Chile when the ship had to get underway because of storm warnings.
During the terrible magazine explosion aboard ship Ken as the duty electrician rigged the emergency lighting to assist the crew during that emergency.
Ken left Ranger in 1958 and went on to serve aboard Coral Sea.
Ken was from Michigan as was his best friend David Burnham who was also with us during Pre comm. detail. Ken was an avid hunter and outdoorsman, could have been the role model for the "BUDMAN" character.
These are just some of my memories about Ken.

This pic was taken about a yr. later
Ken was born on Oct 7, 1935 
and passed away on October 11th, 
2002 at Colville, Washington. 
He was born in Muskegon, Michigan. 
His full name was Kenneth Allen Carr. 
He never married but chose to go solo. 
Ken will be buried in Michigan. 
Entered U.S. Navy 01/1955
Electricians Mate Fireman Apprentice

Aug 1955 - USS Crow MSC (0)-7
Mine Sweeper

June 1957 - USS Ranger CVA-61 (EM-2)
Aircraft Carrier
May 1958 elevated to Rank of (EM-1)

Dec. 1958 - Dec. 1959 Break in service.

Re-enlisted Dec. 1959 U.S. Navy (EM-1)

Feb. 1960 USS Intedictor AGR-13
Radar Picket

Oct. 1960 USS Coral Sea CVA-43
Aircraft Carrier

June 1961 USS Ruff MSC(0)-54
Mine Sweeper

Feb 1964 Honorably Discharged

              (Ken's sister Marcie)