'Plank Owner'
September 7, 1935 - October 30, 2007

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John Strothers John Strothers

1988 Ranger Reunion at Arlington Virginia
USS Ranger CVA 61 First Reunion
     Arlington Virginia 8-19-88

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Signatures of Executive
Officer CDR. A.L. Lewis

and Captain Gaylor 
May 59- June 60

crossing the line

HU 2 - 23 July  1958 --This picture was taken between Trinidad and Rio.We lost that HU 2 helo goin around the horn  on 23 July so that picture was taken before that.  My cousin is dark haired guy front right. He and his crew went down and backup chopper got them all aboard.

jolly roger

Neptunis Rex- We crossed the equator on 6 july 1958

HU 2 pilot - That is Frank Ingle AD1 and Lcdr John Thornton, The side number stops but that is probably 43 , one of the two on our cruise

Plank Owner, Shellback, & Realm of the Southwind    Certificates (Wallet size cards)


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