Front Row(L-R): B. E. Morrow, J. L. Spears, C. M. Barnett, J. N. Stewart, C. E. Karbowski, R.C. Hare
Second Row: K.M. Williams, J. E. Rice, R. L. Primerano, W. H. Hardy, E. L. Maguire, J. E. Williams, J. G. Kollarik
Top Row: L.G. Raymond, B. E. Parks, R.B. Barrett, C. A. Lewis, J. H. Pittman, T. H. Grace, H. W. Axton, R. J. Speta, R. W. Groves

March 25, 1938 - October 26, 1999

Hoyt initially pursued a career in athletics, 
attending Oklahoma State University on a football 
scholarship before serving a stint in the navy. 
From there Axton relocated to San Francisco, 
performing at local folk clubs and in 1962 writing 
his first hit, the Kingston Trio's "Greenback Dollar." 
Later that year he issued his first album, The Balladeer, 
a live effort recorded at the Hollywood nightspot the 
Troubadour; a concurrent appearance on the television 
western Bonanza also launched his acting career.