Earl Long Jr.     
Earl Long one of the 'original crew members' from 1957 to 1960 USS Ranger

I was a plank owner in 1958 and served until late 60. I was in the 1st Division. I went to boot camp in Bainbridge, Maryland. I was in company 69. I am still working at age 77 in my own business with my youngest son Jeff and we formulate automotive cleaning solutions and waxes. Dotty and I have 2 boys, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.


Wife Dotty 55 yrs & 2 Gr grandkids myself

       Jeff son,   Austin Grandson   &    Earl III son
28 years later my name sake served on board her also !

My father Earl Sr. was in the 36th Texas Division in WWII in Europe.
 He was in the battle of Monte Cassino and The battle of the bulge. 
He was wounded in the leg at the battle of the bulge by a German tiger tank.

Earl III was on board the Ranger from early 85 to late 86. He was an electricians mate 3rd class in E Division. He went to boot camp at NTC San Diego. Today he has his own business in networking for other businesses. He has three children (2 daughters and 1 son) and 2 grandsons. 

Here is some of the art work that I did while working on the 
USS Rangers paper, 'The Shield' This also includes some of 
the popular at that time 'Ranger Mouse' (click thumbnails to view larger)

Shield - Xmas Header.jpg (72482 bytes)   Clipboard09.jpg (91283 bytes)   Clipboard14.jpg (84061 bytes)   Column Header - Stop Lite.jpg (74826 bytes)

Gunnery Practice.jpg (50616 bytes)     Everything is Secured.jpg (87680 bytes)   Herbie From Smith & Wesson.jpg (77605 bytes)   Last Nickel.jpg (85918 bytes)

Clipboard07.jpg (78407 bytes)   Mess Duty.jpg (91166 bytes)   Once Around The Wardroom.jpg (109273 bytes)   Out of Uniform.jpg (103819 bytes)

Clipboard03.jpg (242008 bytes)   Clipboard04.jpg (127643 bytes)   Clipboard05.jpg (309904 bytes)   Clipboard06.jpg (104240 bytes)

CVA-61 Christmas.jpg (211759 bytes)   Flight Ops Canceled.jpg (133421 bytes)   Heavier Shells.jpg (228128 bytes)   Poor Sap Sailor.jpg (236257 bytes)

Seasons Greetings From The  Shield   Ranger Mouse Mascott.jpg (167682 bytes)   Fisherman's Wharf   Diamond Head

Oakland Bay Bridge   San Francisco.jpg (243030 bytes)   My Letterhead.jpg (111910 bytes)   Portland Newspaper Article_s.jpg (725662 bytes)

Clipboard01_.jpg (225740 bytes)    Plank Owner Certificate.jpg (211965 bytes)   Realm of the South Wind.jpg (154637 bytes)   Shellback Certificate.jpg (290167 bytes)

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