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Pepe and Penelope       Penelope

Pepe and Penelope
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Pepe - kiss kiss kiss
Pepe - So you mind waiting while I slip into something more comfortable
Pepe - Aw my darling! I love you! Where have I been all your life!!!
Pepe - Aw the sweet nothings__Aw!! the sweet somethings!!!
Pepe - Baby Dolll
Pepe - Hello sheri, all is fair in love and war, eh darling
Pepe - Hey! Wait a just minute
Pepe - I am Pepe La Pew
pepe - I am playing it too cool, no
Pepe - I am shy but I am willing
Pepe - I want to tell you I love you so
Pepe - If you cannot beat them join them
Pepe - It is love at first sight
Pepe - Julio here for art me romeo
Pepe - Leroar!!!
pepe - Look darling, perhaps I am old fashioned, but shouldn't we be introduced first

Pepe - Maybe I'm old fashioned but shouldn't we be introduced first!
Pepe - Oh how sweet! you are blushing!.wav
Pepe - She want to play the lovers chase! It is the little girl in her!!!
Pepe - The best things of life are worth waiting for
Pepe - this Bayou baby is alright by me
Pepe - We can make love right away!!
Pepe - Where are you, I am looking for you!
Pepe - you have never looked more ravishing!
Pepe - you stop resisting me and I will stop resisting you!

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