Dr. Smiths Insults

Dr. Smith-Jonathan Harris-Lost In Space             THE ROBOT 
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Adelphated Armor Bearer
Adelphated Amateur
Aluminum Canary
Animated Weather Station
Arrogant Automation
As Protective as a Leaky Umbrella
Astigmatic Automation
Automated Oaf
Babbling Birdbrain
Babbling Bumpkin
Bellicose Bumpkin
Big Mouth
Blithering Blatherskite
Blithering Booby
Blithering Bumpkin
Blundering Bag of Bolts
Book-Making Booby
Broken-down Has Been
Brutish Product of the Mineral World Bubble Brain
Bubble-Headed Booby
Bulbous Bumpkin
Bumbling Bag of Bolts
Bumbling Birdbrain
Bumbling Booby
Bumbling Bucket of Bolts
Bumbling Cracker Barrel
Bumptious Booby
Bumptious Braggart
Bungling Incompetent
Cackling Cacophony
Cackling Canister
Cackling Clod
Cackling Cookoo
Cackling Coward
Cantankerous Clod
Cantankerous, Cold-Hearted Clod
Caterwauling Clod
Cautious Clump
Chattering Magpie
Clanking Clod
Clod-Like Collection of Condensors
Clumsy Clod
Clumsy Clump
Clumsy Cloot
Complete Moron
Computerized Clod
Computerized Clump
Confused Compass
Cowardly Clump
Cumbersome Clod
Cumbersome Clump
Cybernetic Simpleton
Cybernetic Skeptic
Defective Detective
Dehumanized Lie Dispernser
Demented Diode
Deplorable Dummy
Deplorable Dunderhead
Digitized Dunce
Dippity Dunce
Disreputable Dunce
Disreputable Dunderhead
Doddering Dunderhead
Dr. Dunderhead
Dundering Dolt
Evasive Coward
Ferrous Frankenstein
Fiend in Tin Clothing
Floundering Flunky
Foolish Fop
Frightful Fractious Frump
Frozen Eskimo
Fugitive from a Junkheap
Fugitive from a Junkyard
Fugitive from a Scrap Heap
Fugitive from a Scrap Metal Yard
Galumphing Gargoyle
Gargantuan Goose
Garrulous Gargoyle
Gigantic Gargoyle
Gregarious Gremlin
Hard-headed Harbinger of Death
Hard-headed Harbinger of Evil
Hardware Hyena
Hopeless Heap of Tainted Tin
Hulking Mass of Mechanical Ignorance
Hypertensive Hypochondriac
Idiot Ignominious Ignoramous
Ill-Informed Ignoramous
Impersonal Collection of Inanimate Hardware

Incompetent Idiot
Incompetent Imbecile
Incompetent, Moronic Lump
Incompetent Walking Ingrate
Ineffective Ineptitude
Inept Goldbricker
Inept Idiot
Infamous Informer
Ingot of Ingratitude
Insensitive Brute
Insensitive Idiot
Insensitive Machine
Insipid Ineptitude
Iron-born Ingrate
Irresponsible Wine Bever
Jabbering Jackenapse
Jabbering Jeremiah
Jabbering Judas
Juvenile Junkpile
Know-nothing Numskull
Lamebrained Lump
Lead-lined Lothario
Lead-lined Lump
Lilly-Livered, Lead-Lined Lump
Lilly-Livered Lump
Little Mother
Ludicrous Lump
Lugubrious Lagert
Lugubrious Lump
Malicious Moron
Mass of Fear
Mealymouthed Rogue
Mechanical Dunderhead
Mechanical Meddler
Mechanical Misfit
Mechanical Murderer
Medical School Dropout
Mediocre Misfit
Mess of Metal
Metallic Ham
Metallic Monstrosity
Metallic Murderer
Miserable Mass of Metal
Miserable Mechanism
Misguided, Mechanical Misery
Misshapen Mummy
Monstrous, Mechanized, Misguided Moron
Monstrous, Metallurgical Meddler
Monstrous Mountebank
Mr. Wrongway Computer
Mumbling Mass of Metal
My Brave Hero
My Insensitive Friend
Mynah Bird
Nattering Ninny
Neanderthal Ninny
Negligent Ninny
Nervous Ninny
Nickel-plated Nincompoop
Nickering Ninny
Nondescript Ninny
Noxious Ninny
Obsolete Oaf
Obsolete Piece of Scrap Metal
Old Booby

Overcautious Concoction
Overgrown Ninny
Oversized Oaf
Parsimonious Puppet
Pathetic Pomposity
Pitiable Pipsqueak
Plasticized Parrot
Pompous Pipsqueak
Pot-Bellied Prankster
Pot-Bellied Pumpkin
Powered Prankster
Preening Popingee
Presumptuous Pipsqueak
Presumptuous Popinjay
Pretentious Popinjay
Primitive Pile of Pistons
Proverbial Neanderthal Ninny
Puny Pipsqueak
Pusillanimous Pipsqueak
Pusillanimous Puppet
Puselous Tyrant
Pedagogical Pipsqueak
Ramshackled Romeo
Real Great Goose
Ridiculous Robot
Ridiculous Roustabout
Ridiculous Ruer
Robust Rockhound
Roly-poly Rowdy
Sanctimonious Scatterbrain
Scurrilous Scatterbrain
Sententious Sloth
Sickening Cybernetic
Silent Sentinel
Silly Goose
Silly Old Ninny
Silly Sausage
Silly Sloth
Silly-Looking Bucket of Bolts (delivered by Zeno, "West of Mars")
Silver-Plated Sellout
Simple Simon
Snickering Cinderbox
Sorry Specimen of Computerhood
Steely-Eyed Sorcerer
Stupid Friend
Stubborn Clatterbrain
Tarnished Trumpet
Terrified Mechanical Dunderhead
Tin Monster (delivered by Don, "The Hungry Sea")
Tin-Plated Fool
Tin-Plated Fraud
Tin-Plated Snitch
Tin-Plated Tattletale
Tin-Plated Tintinnabulation
Tin-Plated Traitor
Tin-Plated Tyrant
Tintinnabulating Tin Can
Tiresome Thesaurus
Traitorous Electronic Junk Pile
Traitorous Tintinnabulation
Traitorous, Tin-Plated Fugitive from a Junkyard
Traitorous, Transistorized Toad
Treasonous Tyrant
Unctuous Underling
Uncultured Clump
Ungrateful Underling
Ungrateful Wretch
Unspeakable Insult
Worthless, Electronic Scrapheap

November 5, 2002, Jonathan Harris, the flamboyantly fussy actor who portrayed the dastardly, cowardly antagonist Dr. Zachary Smith on the 1960’s sci-fi show “Lost in Space,” has died. He was 87.  Click to read article