David Williams  
USS Ranger

Sharing some photos taken on the USS Ranger while I was serving on board from 1957 - 1959

Joe Marszalek and me (David Williams-waving) in our AO shop in 1959


L-R Joe Marszalek (broken arm), David Williams (sprained ankle), and Jim Magarelli (stitches on head).
The injuries were from a tackle football game played without equipment. 
In addition to the injuries (we lost the game 18-6), we were told in strong Navy language not to do this again.


L-R me (David Williams), Jim Magarelli, Lary Koke in 1959 in our living compartment.


L-R J. Trainer, Joe Marszalek, R. Keller, David Williams, Larry Koke, Bob Veaudry, and G. Lumley.
Just finished a meeting in our AO shop 1958


L-R Jim Festa, Bill Goddell, Joe Marszalek, Bob Veaudry. Kneeling: J. Elkins, Jim Magarelli. 
I took this photo of my shipmates on the flight deck of the USS Ranger in 1958.
I don't know if we were underway but if so, then it was during the trip from the east coast to our new homeport of
Alameda, Ca.  It was during this cruise, we crosssed the equator and then sailed around Cape Horn.
I still have the two beautiful plaques all of the crewmembers received for these events and of course
we can claim the titles of Shellbacks (crossing the equator) and Mossbacks (sailing around the Horn).

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