USS Ranger  - Photo submitted by CLINT FERRARA


You saw your share of action, across the balmy seas
What your crew was ordered, you did your best to please
The Pacific was your arena, to protect and to defend
And to a lonely sailor, you were home as well as friend

Through the worst of weather, you held your honored ground
Launching jets with missiles, bringing the enemy down
Among the Navy's finest, as proud as proud could be
As you sailed from port to port, and guarded the mid-night sea

The Mighty USS Ranger, so worthy of your name
A Carrier of nobility, A warship not to tame
As Old Glory waved above her, She proudly led the way
She was the Mighty Ranger, a warship all the way

Now her great guns sit silent, her hatches buckled down
The roar of her mighty engines, no longer make a sound
The USS  Ranger, your commissioned days are gone
But, in the hearts of crewmen, The Mighty Ranger will live on

By Barbara Cox