Azell Thomas

Azell Thomas
My first year in the Navy(1989)


Here are a few photo's of me aboard Ranger in January 7, 
1991 in the Persian Gulf.  We were having a steel beach picnic.
Two pictures of me next a A-6 from Whidbey Is, WA. 
My airwing home and a picture of my shop mates.
We were 62A and 62B in the AIMD IM-3 division, I was in bravo: 
Sealed Instrument Repair Tech: Aviation Electricans Mate.

I did duty between Whidby Is and the Ranger from 1990-93. I 
became a Hospital Corpsmen in 94 in San Deigo and was stationed 
at Balboa Naval Hospital (Naval Medical Center San Deigo) 
3East/5east. Then in 1995 I went to FMSS (Field Medical Service 
School) and was stationed at Camp Pendlton, CA. in the 1st. MARDIV, 
1st Combat Engineer Battalion. Lot's of adventures here, but on 
April 18 2000 I left the military and returned to Atlanta,GA.
I have video and more pictures of this great ship.
Azell Thomas Jr

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    Ranger in January 7 1991 in the Persian Gulf.  We were having a steel beach picnic.       My shop mates      Azell next a A-6 from Whidbey Is, WA.     Azell next a A-6 from Whidbey Is, WA.