Anthony  (Tony) J. Malizia 






Anthony (Tony) J. Malizia S1 DIV

I  joined the Navy on my 17th birthday November 9th 1954, attended boot camp at Bainbridge Maryland.  1st ship assigned USS Macon CA 132 Transferred off August 1955 - was in 6th DIV assigned to Gitmo-Cuba September 1955 to June 1957. Worked in Com store in main office as a store keeper striker. (Great Liberty before Castro.)  Made 3rd Class went aboard Ranger for Commissioning and Plank Owner crossed the Equator went around Cape Horn to Alameda CA home Port.

 Made a few shake down cruises to Guantanamo on both ships visited several ports.  Most impressive was crossing the equator an 6 days in Brazil sugar loaf.  Going up to see the Christ statue on the mountain.  Recorded all my Ports, etc. on my first 8MM Brownie movie camera.  Discharged Honorably from the Ranger CVA 61 November 1958.  Earned good conduct metal,  was in SI DIV, worked in forward stock room. Prepared REQ Cross reference worked stock control and issued supplies. Chow was great on a big carrier. 

From Store keeper, went onto the medical field. Went to college became a RN worked for the New York State at the West Seneca Developmental Center. Worked for 30 years, retired as a Nurse Administrator in November 1992.  At present time collecting pension and SS.  Married in 1967 have two beautiful daughters that gave me 6 grand children.  4 Boys and 2 Girls. My girls gave me 4 wonderful grandsons that I could not have myself.  One has Papa's name Little Anthony.

Found the Ranger on computer in 2002.  Paid my dues and attended the reunion in 2003 in New Port RI.  Met 1 shipmate that was in supply SKI in 1957.  He went up the ladder and retired as LCDR.  Met him and his lovely wife.  

Drove 12 hours from Buffalo, NY but I had a new car that needed mileage and wanted to see that upper part of the US. Being retired I remain in Buffalo, NY, I enjoy my Grandkids, enjoy working in my garden and relaxing by my heated in ground pool in the summer.  Anyone surfing the web, I would enjoy hearing from anyone that was on the Macon CA 132 1955 February to August. 
Anyone in the supply stationed in GTMO Bay Cuba 1955-1957, and Plank owners from SI DIV from the Ranger to November 1958.
Tony Malizia