Andrew T. Stack
NAMTRAU Whidbey Island CCC/ Admin LCPO 
I was on her (USS Ranger) until they decommissioned her. 
I was fortunate enough to make the last cruise aboard her, 
and it was a dandy one, too. We were pier side in every 
single port, including Perth (rare) and Sydney (rarer). 
It was the best cruise out of 5 that I have made. 
Unfortunately, I only caught the tail end of Desert Storm, 
but she really kicked butt there. I forget how many 
millions of pounds of ordnance and how many hits they
said they had, but if I remember, she was at the top of 
the list for carriers. 
Where has the time gone?

(The third class one is just before 
I transferred to VA-145 onboard the Ranger. 
The CPO pic is last year)