Gunner Al 


Alan Dunlap (left) and fellow gunnermate Tom Fridmann, 1964 in San Francisco





Chief Cozart gave us a Cup when we got the crow, 47 years ago. 
(Posted 2013)


Alan -  Boot Camp
Me standing in front of my Boot Camp Company Flag Sept. 1963. At 
Great Lakes


From Alan Dunlap 
To all Sailors whereber ye may be: and to all Mermaids, Whales. Sea Serpents, Porpoises, Sharks, Dolphins, Eels, Skates, Suckers, Crabs, Lobsters and all other living things in the sea.
Greetings: Know ye: That on this 20th day of May 1964. in Latitude 000 and Longitude (deleted by Royal Sensor) there appeared within Our Royal Domain the USS Ranger CVA-61 bound for the seven seas Be It Remembered That the said vessel and Officers and Crew thereof, have been inspected and passed on by Ourself and Our Royal Staff And Be It Known : By all Sailors, Marines, Land Lubbers and others who may be honored by his presence that ALAN M. DUNLAP having been found worthy to be numbered as one of our trusty Shellbacks he has been duly initiated into the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep. Be it further understood: That by virtue of the power invested in me I do hereby command all my subjects to show due honor and respect to him wherever he may be.
Disobey This Order Under Penalty of Our Royal Displeasure. Given under Our Hand and Seal this May 1964.
Davey Jones Neptunus Rex
His Majesty's Scribe Ruler of the Raging Main

                                                                                                                        By his Sevant ------------------

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