Myron “DOC” J. Murnan  
   USS RANGER 1961-1964   

“God bless my Father” 
“DOC Murnan” 
"Rest in Peace Daddy" 
“and all of the Men and Women of the 
U.S. NAVY and Armed Forces”
Bart Murnan

DAD’S History

Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class, Myron “DOC” J. Murnan. Served in Saigon, served on swift boat at Qui Nhon somewhere about 1967.

Was on Swift boat Coastal Division 12, Coastal Division 12 is a link of the Navy’s coastal surveillance task force chain that patrols the entire 1,000 mile coastline of Vietnam.

The division has the largest patrol area, covering an area from the Demilitarized zone to just north of Qui Nohn.

My Father also was aboard the USS INDEPENDENCE & the USS RANGER 1961-1964.

There were four of us kids, Mom and Dad. We lived in Greenfield, IN. 

After he was Medically Discharged from the NAVY, My Father tried to get on with the local Hospitals to no avail. 

He had done multiple surgeries removed shrapnel from head to toe. 

At one time He removed a LIVE Mortar Shell from a soldier’s chest cavity. 

He delivered more Babies than most OBGYN’S, 

He’s seen more blood than most nurses, 

Done more Operations than most doctors and couldn’t even get on at a Hospital as a “Candy Striper”.

We moved from town to town, Mostly right around Indy.

He held several jobs through the years: Sales, Management, Owned his own business as a Furniture store owner in Greenfield, IN.

In 1983 we moved to Texas, He loved the warmer temperatures. 

My parents traveled the Country from the South to the North, from East to West and enjoyed most of it. 

He lost his Leg from the knee down from Diabetes “they say” in 1999. He passed away in March of 2003.

“God bless my Father” “DOC Murnan” "Rest in Peace Daddy" “and all of the Men and Women of the U.S. NAVY and Armed Forces”.

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