Remember what it said above the stage in the auditorium of the former Liberty Memorial High School?

Auditorium at Liberty Memorial High School building

Inside the auditorium on the right and left sides of the stage are two plaque's that commemorate names of the 'Boys and Alumni Who Lost Their Lives In WWI.  Above the stage is an excerpt of a poem by Rudyard Kipling, selected by teacher Miss Kate Riggs. 


All that they had they gave, they gave
in sure and single faith.
There can be no knowledge reach the grave
To make them grudge their death
Save only if they understood
That, after all was done
We the redeemed denied their blood
And mocked the gains it won..


The plaques presented by George Foster were donated by 
more than 600 alumni and parents of students.
Left plaque bears the names: 

Max Brown
Aretus McClure
Clark McColloch, 
John Tupper
Sgt. Willford Charlton
Corp. Everett Demeritt
Corp. Ralph Ellis, 
Lieut. Mark Beach 
Lieut. Chas Cone.

Right plaque bears the names: 

Ross Rummel
Cromwell Tucker
Theodore Rocklund
Thomas Kennedy Jr.
Corp. Glen Otis
Lieut. Eli F. Dorsey
Lieut. Herbert Jones
Lieut. Harry Ziesenis
Lieut. Otto Dingelstedt


Eli Ferrell Dorsey graduated Lawrence High School in 1912. After graduation he went on to become a First Lieutenant in the US Army’s 137 IN 35th Division. He died of wounds suffered in the Muse-Argonne Offensive in WW1. When an American Legion is formed they have to charter their organization after an individual. Post 14 of Lawrence, Kansas chartered themselves in honor of Eli in October of 1920. Liberty Post 199 combined their post with ours in February of 1931 creating what is now, Dorsey Liberty Post 14." (information provided by Corey Ball, Commander AL Post 14
Lawrence, Ks.)


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Carol Proctor Guy