Gerald E. Roets   
April 20, 1934 - October 6, 2006  


Gerald E. Roets   LCDR MSC USN         
Gerald Roets entered service in February of 1953 and served as a Corpsman.
He served at many duty stations, including Chelsea Naval Hospital; MCAS Cherry point, NC; Main Navy, Washington, DC; 3/5 Marines at both Camp Pendleton and Camp Hanson Okinawa; Involved with the invasion force during the Cuban Missile Crisis; St. Albans Naval Hospital, NY; Portsmouth Naval Hospital where he taught hospital administration (B-School). He rose through the ranks achieving the rank of E-7 within 12 years. He was only one of six enlisted personnel selected to be commissioned in 1966 as an Ensign in the Medical Service Corps. He then went to MCRD Parris Island, SC; He served aboard the USS Ranger (CVA-61) from mid-WESPAC January 1969 to 1971 as the H division Medical Service Corps Officer. After his tour aboard the Ranger he served at the Oakland Naval Hospital as security officer.
Then he went to Com. 3, Third Naval District in New York City. In 1974 he served as the Officer Programs Officer at Recruiting Area One in Scotia, New York. He was medically retired from active duty in 1977 and achieved the final rank of Lieutenant Commander (Commander select).

Of all the places that Gerry served, he loved his tour aboard the USS Ranger best of all. He once told me that it was like a big family, where all of its members work and live in unison. He also had occasion to fly in an A-6 Intruder (VA-96, The Boomers) and an F-4J Phantom (VF-154, The Black Knights). He made many friends while on board, including Dr. Mathews, CDR Charlie Choice (XO), Captain Moorer (CO), and many other Chiefs and sailors under his command. These are just the few that I remember. "There ain't nothin' like comin on the ship in a Phantom."

My dad served his country with valor, pride, and honor and I am proud to have been his son! May he never be forgotten and may he rest in peace.
Jeff Roets


                                     Jackie (mom), Kathy, Jim, Lynn

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