Coy D. Ross

Aboard Ranger from August 1960 to August 1963

Finally got my Elk mounted

Below are some photo memories on Ranger
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Coy D. Ross Clowning around in AI Ben Benavidas 2 Birdland Yokosuka Japan Guy, Ross, Laure
Pat and Coy in AI Office scan0007 scan0008 Coy Ross scan0010
Ben Benevidas scan00011 scan0012 Coy Ross Coy Ross
scan0015 scan0016 scan0017 scan0018 scan0020
scan0021 scan00032 scan00041 Ben Benivedas 3 scan00051
scan00061 scan00091 Dwayne Lamm
Shipmate in Kobe Japan Coy with Cake he helped decorate while mess cooking on Ranger Stetzik on R Mess cooking on Ranger Coy in Kobe Japan Zurawski on R and Striegel on L in Kobe Japan
USS Ranger photo taken August 1961  eight 5inch 54 Cal. guns located fore and aft....port and starboard. Forward guns were removed about 1963 and the other four guns at a later time Taking photos through telescope as captiains gig is headed inland Personal Camera Pass USS Ranger Post Card Show Flyer
Overnight Pass Air Intelligence Patch xPass-Dependant.jpg (52525 bytes) xscan0026.jpg (31358 bytes) xscan00021.jpg (62940 bytes)

Hunting, Fishing and Family

This was taken in 1978 - My first Javelina Era & Coy Pheasant Hunting - My Mother and I in 1980.  She loved the outdoors.  I guess I got it honest. Fishing All American Canal near Yuma - You can tell this was taken 30 years ago. Coy with Overalll Winners Buckle - 1980 at the Spring Grand Trap Shooting Championships, Phoenix, Arizona.  At the time I was rated 3rd in Arizona and 58th in the nation. British Columbia Black Bear - 300 pound Black Bear I got in Northern British Columbia in 2001
Three Forks 2003 3 Forks 2003- My son and I trout fishing at 3 Forks Ranch in Colorado.  The ranch is owned by Dave Pratt, the owner of the Saint Louis Cardinals-2003 Three Forks Ranch Elk 2003 Three Forks Ranch Elk 2003_my son
I got this on walking straight at me.  I shot him right between the eyes at 42 yards.  He ranks as the 5th largest ever killed with a bow in Arizona.  He also in mounted and in the Trophy Room 3 Generations of Hunters  2006 - This is me, my son and grandson, on whitetail hunt in Texas This one barely made the record book - Whitetail 2007 Antelope taken in 2007 I tried for 3 days to get close enough to take this one with a bow and finally had to settle with using a rifle.  He is now on my living room wall.
Me with all my Grandkids Christmas 2008 2008 Pheasant Hunt

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