Sheilas Rantings

Doyougetwhati'msaying'? Can I tell you sumthin,  Doyouknowwhatimean,  Just know 
that, I'm just telling you.  I am a Single Mom and I'm 45, going to be 46 April 
12 and I'm not here for the money,  I'm here to promote my book.  I'm not gonna 
lie to ya.  But I have an agent.  So know that.  Think about it.  Thatsallimsayin.  I 
got nooo sleep. And I need food.!!! "I wanna go home, these people dont 
understand me." It's who I am as a person. I don't go around wanting people to 
feel sorry for me. I didn't do anything wrong. Are you freakin' kidding me? I 
survived the block - Can't we all just get along - "Yeww know wut? but ya kinda 
dew." I clean and clean and clean, and dew I ever hear a thank yeww, THANK 
YEWW??? No. Never. NEVER!!!" I'm not gonna cry Beww Beww Heww - Thank Yeww!! 
Where's the Tylenol.


Created by Eaglet