BB 11 WRAPS IT UP 2009
Backyard Interviews

Pictures from the Las Vegas Wrap Parties 2009
Previous Houseguests also attended!

Adam & Howie

Alex - Diane2009

Alex - Jeff


Chelsia - Jordan

Dani Donnato - Kristen BB2

Dani - Steven - Keesha

Howie - Casey

James R. - Rachel

Jeff & Jordan

Jeff & Jordan

Joe, Jeff & Jordan

Kristen - Jeff

Lydia - Dani

Monica - it'sawwwnnn - Rachel


Nakomas - Chelsia

Parker - Sheila - Alex

Rachel, James, Maggie, Howie, & April BB6

Rachel, Maggie, Eric (Cappy) and April BB6

Robin (casting director) and Kevin

Diane, Kristen, Ollie, Lydia, Rachel & Nakomas

Steven -Sheila

Pink Hair Lady, Zach, Jen, Eric, Sheila ?

April - Michele BB10

April -?-Russel


Chelsia, Missy, Michele and Russel


James saves the day with interviews

Jessie (Jessme)

Lydia - George

Parker & James

Ronnie - wife


Chelsia - Jordan

The End

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