Anton M Robinson
OA Division - Aboard 1981-84

I just grinned at the photos of the 83-84 cruise, have not seen 
those faces since then, brought back some memories

 I was OA Division, ships company, shellback, 
on board 81-84.

My most horrible memory is when we sat in the Indian Ocean for 
121 days- I think 12 shipmates died from the explosion, lost 1 
Had Russian nuke sub shadowing us for several days sitting 
200NM away, had 2 aircraft loaded with explosives looking for us 
off coast  of Iman and we had to launch ALL aircraft off ship.

More Memories; 
The night a guy jumped ship at night in '82, I knew him. 
A helicopter went up for him, he waved it off, a swell caught 
the helo and capsized it prop fragments raced through the air 
over our heads into the  hangar deck.

I was on weather watch on the signal bridge, a guy stood up 
behind a turn-and-burn
got tossed over the side, I thought I was seeing things, called 
a man overboard we searched for 3 days and only found his vest.

The day we went through the hurricane, It was my turn on weather 
watch I sighted 5 water spouts and called to bridge for a hard to 
port - maneuver.

My Div. officer was on detail during a Fuel Rep, he, William
I think that was his first name' Pertle, called an over correction in 
the heading, we crashed into the tanker.

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